JOB: Political Writer (DC) NBC

Editorial | Washington DC, DC, United States

The Politics team seeks a motivated, knowledgeable and clever political writer. This job requires prior reporting experience with a major print publication or top online news site. Candidates must have a solid collection of clips, familiarity with CMS systems, and a love for politics that borders on the obsessive. This writer will be based in the NBC News Washington Bureau.

This position centers around regular, daily posting to’s political blog. You must be a fast writer with a developed editorial sense and an eagerness to adapt to unpredictable news cycles. A proven ability to be quick, concise and informative in just a few hundred words is a key prerequisite. There will be regular opportunities to pen original pieces, contingent on creative ideas and proactive thinking.  There will also be opportunities to travel and report from the field. The writer will be on call for several assignment desks, so experience juggling various requests and pacing tasks accordingly is required. You are expected to work in tandem with other reporters, so please be a considerate and confident team player. A sense of humor is a must.

In addition to writing, this candidate will edit posts/pieces, prioritize story placement, and design page fronts as needed. A knack for online layout, a thorough understanding of the intersection between television and news on the web, and proficiency in AP Style are all required. Also vital:  the ability to write exceptional headlines/captions.

An understanding of the importance of social media is also required. Please possess a healthy, professional Twitter account peppered with insightful and relevant posts.

Candidates will be required to successfully complete a writing test. Be prepared to offer references ready to sing your praises. Applicants should have 4-6 years of newsroom experience.


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