$5 postcards = Hope for Rwanda

From the Through the Eyes of Hope Team:


Our Story

“Through the Eyes of Hope,” is a project that provides cameras to orphans in Rwanda. The photography children of Through the Eyes of Hope in Rwanda have started a campaign through their photography called The “Cards of Hope” Campaign where people from around the world can request a postcard taken by a child in Rwanda. In exchange, the children ask that you would donate $5.00 per postcard so they can raise money to begin their own photography studio so they can help generate money for their school fees and food. All contributions will go towards getting photo equipment for the studio.  You can find the campaign link at https://www.fracturedatlas.org/s/campaign/333?#…

What We Need & What You Get

The children need $5,000 dollars to begin their photography studio. The purchases of cameras, studio lights and background and printer will cost $5,000. This campaign will go specifically towards the purchase of equipment for the studio. What you will get in return is a tax-deductible donation, a personalized postcard taken by a child in Rwanda and the most important thing that you will be getting back, is the satisfaction of knowing that your purchase of a postcard is helping a child achieve their dreams of self-sustainability and independence.

Other Ways You Can Help

Their are so many ways that you can help the amazing photography kids of Through the Eyes of Hope Project. You can put the link of this campaign https://www.fracturedatlas.org/s/campaign/333?#… on your facebook page and share it with your friends. You can host an art exhibition and fundraiser in your community. You can volunteer both in Rwanda and US. We need your help. Any gift or talent you have can change a life. One postcard, one life changed!!


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