Are you a woman in Baltimore or Chicago age 35-60?

Okay, gang, this has nothing to do with photography but is important for us as global citizens. There is a new study being held by Johns Hopkins & Northwestern to provide research in the field of breast cancer prevention and cure. As you know this hits home for me and my family and I know this is true for many of you too. So I’ve been asked to spread the word to all of you!

If you are a woman, age 35-50, living in B’more or Chicago who has not been diagnosed with breast cancer, you can help buy signing up with Army of One for the BEAM study. The Drs doing the study are Seema Khan, MD, at Northwestern University and Vered Stearns, MD, at Johns Hopkins University. Visit for more information.

If you don’t fit the criteria, you can still help by forwarding this email to someone you know who might be interested. Help us close this study and show the researchers the power that the Army of Women has!
 If you think that you now qualify for this study, please email us directly at or visit

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