I’m off to the United Nations!

I am so proud, humbled and flattered to be selected by the board of White House News Photographers Association for the United Nation’s IPC Professional Photographer Leadership Awards. I cannot thank WHNPA for giving me this honor and allowing me to represent the organization as your 2011 recipient.

Past winners include legends Nancy Andrews, Carol Guzy, Michael Williamson, Diana Walker, Dennis Brack, Pete Souza, Manny Garcia, John Harrington, Marty Lavour, Mary Calvert and Jon Elswick. I feel very small standing in the footsteps of such giants.

It’s an overwhelming honor to be given this award. While I love that I’ve been honored by the association for my photographic projects, I am especially proud you think I am a leader in the industry. I will continued to work hard to keep fighting for the rights, and education of documentarians in our industry. I cannot thank you all enough for this. I feel on top of the world!




3 thoughts on “I’m off to the United Nations!

  1. Jamie, you are well suited to the good company you find yourself in with this honor. Congratulations – your friends in Charlottesville could not be happier about this!!

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