Cheap standby AirTran tickets for 18-22 yr olds

Did you guys know about this program?! I just saw it while searching for flights. Where was this deal when I was in college!? Either way I thought all you parents out there on the List might like to know about this. Also, if you’re interviewing student interns, this might be a great way to bring them in for an interview!:

“At AirTran U, we believe students should be able to find cheap standby flights easily. That’s why AirTran U always offers standby fares at $49*, $69*, or $99* each way to anyone 18-22. It’s also why anytime a student searches for cheap airline tickets they instantly learn that AirTran U is the exact place to find those cheap airline tickets. The AirTran U program is flexible because we understand that anyone who’s 18-22 usually need cheap airline tickets at the last minute. You don’t have to be a student either!


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