A message from Look3

Dear Friends,

LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph is just seven weeks away! Photographers, editors, curators, and media professionals from all over the world will be gathering in Charlottesville’s picturesque downtown for 3 inspiring days June 9,10,11. We have already announced our INsight Artists, our Masters Talks, the gallery exhibits, and now we are ready to announce more than 40 additional artists featured in our SHOTS and WORKS evening projections. These screenings of visual essays and multimedia projects will be projected in HD on a giant 40-ft screen in the downtown Pavilion on Friday and Saturday nights of the festival.

We will be showing new and recent work from: Larry Fink, Taryn Simon, Donald Weber, Martine Fougeron, David Alan Harvey, Wang Lei, Fotokonbit, Tierney Gearon, Susan Worsham, Pieter Hugo, Elinor Carucci, Kendall Messick, Jessica Hilltout, and over 30 more.

For the full list of presenting artists visit http://look3.org/events/shots-works/

Festival passes will sell out soon. And hotel rooms are filling up. Use the LOOK3 room block before it expires in mid-May. More travel info at http://look3.org/info/travel-lodging/

See you in June!

Andrew Owen
Managing Director


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