Check out Brendon Bannon’s work from Nairobi

Hey guys, I met Brendon about 5 years ago (ah jeeze, it’s been that long!?!?) in Africa. He’s been doing a daily photo project and I thought I’d share it because it could be great inspiration for all of you looking to do something that inspires you:
Daily Dispatches: Nairobi is an innovative exploration through photojournalism of a fast-evolving 21st-century African city, unfolding day by day in real time. We will spend each day of April searching out stories from all corners of Kenya’s capital, stories which will paint a compelling, informative and surprising portrait of the city, and the lives lived by those who call it home. Each day, we will send our images and reports back to a series of US universities and colleges we’re working with, who will in turn print them and mount them in an exhibition which grows day by day. We have just passed the half way point on this month long live project.
For those who haven’t seen the project yet, please take a look at, a month long photo/journalism
project focusing on life in Nairobi, a rapidly changing African City.

All the best,


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