Please have anyone contact me directly: Sarah Weilant
248-760-9112 or anytime.
Email for Photos!
Bedroom with Shared Bath in dog friendly home:

A furnished bedroom with a shared bath will be available for 12 weeks from May 25th to August 15th at the rate of $250.00 per week. The home is located in North Cleveland Park, two and a half blocks from the Van Ness metro stop (red line). It is near a post office, grocery store and pharmacy. The owner has had over 50 non-family members live here in the past sixteen years, some for only a month, several for as much as two, three, or even four years. Most of those who have lived with her have been professionals in their mid-twenties to mid-forties who want to provide their dogs with daily care in a secure, loving environment. Those who have lived here who have not had their own dogs have enjoyed the dogs owned by other residents.  All dogs are neutered and trained to be good housemates.

All utilities are included in the rent, as are the outdoor seating areas and the use of the common rooms on the main floor of the house (formal living room, gourmet kitchen with butler’s pantry, breakfast room, and family room). Wifi as well as hard line Internet hookup and a full compliment of Comcast cable TV stations are also provided.  Other amenities are laundry facilities, a treadmill for dogs, computer and fax for common use, a rug doctor, and weekly cleaning.  Only the weekly cleaning ($15.00 a week), our poop pick-up service ($25-$35 a month depending on the number of dogs in residence), and the doggie day care ($210.00 a month or $10.00 a day) incur extra charges. The house is four stories and is equipped with an elevator. It is elegantly furnished, well maintained, and provides privacy for all residents.

Her home is so large (just under 10,000 square feet) that everyone has plenty of space and privacy.  Along with the bedroom offered here on one of the upper floors, is Gaurav’s bedroom (who shares the bath and is a financial analyst with Fannie Mae), and Ben (a lawyer who works from home). Also on that floor in a studio apartment occupied by Joah and Leah, both of whom work for the Federal Government.  There are two living spaces on the ground floor: a studio apartment that will be occupied by a new tenant in May, and a one-bedroom apartment, which will be occupied by a new resident on May 1st.  On the main floor adjacent to the kitchen lives Kate, the household manager who has worked for Cynthia for nine years.  Cynthia lives on the top floor.

As mentioned, this is a dog-friendly house. ***Kate provides doggie day care (Dog-Whisperer style) on weekdays for our canine residents for $10.00 a day or $210.00 per dog per month (and can do evenings and weekends, if needed). *** Five dogs are currently living here: two Boxers (one is the owner’s; the other is Ben’s), a Pomeranian/ Papillion (mine), a long-haired Chihuahua (Kate’s) and a Great Swiss Mountain Dog (Joah’s and Leah’s).   Two Italian Greyhounds, whose owner used to live in the ground floor apartment and who bought a house a few doors up, join our canine residents for care here during the day. The dogs play in appropriate groups enjoying the large backyard which has a good-sized pond with a waterfall and a dog house with heating and air conditioning. Additionally, Kate has two small parrots, and two canaries live in the owner’s room.


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