Stock Photography Lecture: March 3 @ 6:30pm

Open to Photographers, Editors and Friends
Tina Williams’ Studio
2807e Merrilee Dr
Fairfax, VA 22031

Whether you’ve been in photography for decades or just getting started, to succeed in today’s rapidly changing market you need to keep growing and adapting.

APA|DC Board member, Randy Santos, will lead the discussion on adapting to an evolving marketplace. He will talk about his own successful business, ; how he self assigns himself projects in order to create the stock he sells. And how to be flexible and change directions when the market demands it.
The need for stock is rising and the number of assignment diminishing.  Randy will have a few pointers that he’s developed to create his successful business, which allows him to still do what we all came into this profession to do, take pictures.  Everyone is invited to join and share their own experiences.
If you’ve never attended one of our Brown Bag Meetings, they are basically a structured informal discussion, no set program, where we discuss and share our ideas and thoughts regarding a set topic.   Even if you feel you have nothing to learn from our topic it is always beneficial for other members to hear from other experienced photographers their thoughts and ideas.  Remember, our goal at APA is to elevate the level and quality of all our work, for all our members.



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