NPPA Tuition Grants

Announcement from NPPA – National Press Photographers Association

We have grants available for our 2011 educational events! The NPPA has received funds as a result of its membership in the Authors Coalition of America (ACA). Qualified applicants will be notified on an ongoing basis until the available grants are awarded.

These tuition grants will be open to all still photographers, whether they are NPPA members or not, who earn their livings primarily by making photographs intended for publication and whose printed work is commercially distributed outside the United States, is reasonably capable of being photocopied abroad and is not self-published, or whose work, if self-published has no fewer than 1,000 copies sold, is commercially distributed outside the United States and is reasonably capable of being photocopied abroad. These are the criteria designated by the ACA and are mandatory. Again, one does not need to be a member of the NPPA to receive a grant. These tuition grants cover the cost of the registration fees only. Travel grants are available to be applied for separately.

Tuition Grants are still available for the following 2011 educational events:

§ Northern Short Course, Warwick, RI, March 10 – 12
§ News Video Workshop, Norman, OK, March 13 – 18
§ Advanced Storytelling Workshop, San Marcos, TX, April 10 – 15

The NPPA will give first consideration to those applications that demonstrate they have been adversely affected by the economic collapse within the media industry. If this applies to you please include with your application a description of your situation.

To apply for a tuition grant please email your request to with the subject line “tuition grant” followed by the name of the event you wish to attend (example, “tuition grant news video workshop”). Applicants should include the following:

• Event you are applying for
• Name, address, phone number, email
• Employment history
• Statement that you qualify given the ACA criteria listed above
• Short description of how furthering your education will help you as a professional
• Demonstration of hardship as outlined above. If applicable
• Will you be able to use this tuition grant even if you have to pay your own travel?

If you would like to also apply for a travel grant please include that in your email along with an estimate of your travel expenses. Travel grants will be decided on a case-by-case basis and will be applied differently to each applicant. In order to properly account for these funds the NPPA will require you to spend your own money up front and submit expenses and receipts for reimbursement after you have returned from your trip to the educational event.


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