FOR SALE: 30D + 50mm 1.4

FOR SALE: Canon 30D +50mm f/1.4 Canon USM Autofocus Lens – $650

– 30D body in original box with manual. Barely used and in great condition.
– Camera strap
– Two Canon camera batteries plus Canon charger
– 50 mm lens. Regularly used and in good condition.
– UV filter on lens

The camera body is in very good condition: no scratches, no blemishes, no mechanical problems. I bought it three years ago and used it as my main camera for about six months before upgrading. Then I used the 30D as my backup camera for one-and-a-half years after that, used very lightly. For the last six months I’ve kept it in its box.

The lens is in good condition. It was one of my main lenses for assignments for the past three-and-a-half years. Still focuses quickly and sharply. I love this lens and think I could use it for years to come, but I upgraded to the 50mm L-series and I don’t need two of the same focal length lenses.

Pictures here:

Email Laura at photolaura [at]


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