Accountant recommendations?

Lots of people come to me looking for a recommendation of a good accountant for small photo businesses. If any of you love your accountant, please chime in here with a comment and let us know who you use.

If any of you use a recommendation, make sure you give credit to the photographer who recommended you!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



3 thoughts on “Accountant recommendations?

  1. H&R Block has been wonderful to work with the past 3 years. I’ve gone to the Springfield, VA location (my folks used to live out there), and can confidently recommend Bill Warnock – 703-923-9561. has some good info to help you get organized.

    I have tried using recommended accountants and they’re always too pricey. H&R Block even detected a mistake on a previous return, fixed it and got me some additional money back (not much but it was something).

    My sister, who is a freelance Graphic Designer, also uses H&R Block in California.

    You can always ask to meet the different representatives at your local branch. They only charge you for the tax returns, not for their time.

  2. This just in from Amy Deputy:

    I use Holly Lannen for my Quickbooks accounting/data entry/banking reconciliation etc. She worked for my accountant and left when he downsized. She’s terrific. Her phone is 814-553-7936. Her email is Hope this helpful to someone.

    be well,

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