POYi is open for entries!


68th POYi Competition Preview

The complete “Call for Entries” will be posted on Friday, Dec. 17

Pictures of the Year International is preparing to launch its 68th annual photojournalism competition with regular updates posted on this website. Above is a summary preview of the “Call for Entries” that includes all the categories for this year, plus details on improvements and awards. Please feel free to download the .pdf preview.

The complete “Call for Entries” will be posted on Friday, December 17 that will provide complete descriptions of categories and entry guidelines. The electronic registration platform also will be launched on December 17 for uploading your entires.

There are exciting changes planned for this year, including:

  • Added categories for specific 2010 events in photo stories and multimedia;
  • Multimedia Portfolio of the Year as a new premiere award category;
  • Enhanced electronic registration coding that will elimate image file naming;
  • And the Newseum in Washington, D.C. will host the annual POYi exhibition in April.

The mission of POYi is to harmonize professional recognition with our civic outreach efforts — working together to extend the reach of photojournalists by providing educational public exhibitions worldwide. POYi believes that it is critical, now more than ever, for citizens to experience your captured moments of the news events and social issues facing our world.

Here is a tentative schedule for the upcoming contest season:

  • December 17 — Electronic registration and entry platform is launched.
  • January 14 — Deadline for contest submissions.
  • February 7 — Judging begins for three consecutive weeks.

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