FOR SALE: Canon 7D kit


B&H Price    Minus 20%

Canon 7d                                                             $1,566                  $1,253
2  Sandisk 16GB Extreme Memory Cards          $350                    $280
Extra Battery            Cannon LP E6                        $66                       $53
Canon EFS 15-85 IS f3.5-5.6 USM Lens              $720                    $576
Polarizing Filter                                                        $212                    $170
Rode Stereo Video Mic                                          $250                    $200
Zacuto Target Shooter                                           $475                   $380

Total Price: $2,900


This package includes almost everything you need to get off the ground except maybe a good viewfinder.

The price for the package is 20% of B&H list. I am selling the camera, lens, cards, extra battery and polarizing filter as a package.  The lens comes with a protective UV filter, not listed.  Also included is a Hoodman viewfinder,  but I would highly recommend getting something better.

This camera was purchased last September and used to shoot a short film.  It was used primarily for second camera shots and on a Steadicam Merlin – a perfect match.

Although the lens is not particularly fast.  It is very useful.  Equivalent to the 24-105mm on the 5D, it is a great walk around lens with a very useful WA at one end and a nice portraiture length at the other.  Few people who shoot people on the move in HD would want to shoot at less than f4.0 or 5.6.  And it is still quite useful to achieve nice bokeh.

I had hoped that the camera would be useful for my day job in news.  But I really never found the opportunity to work it in.  So I’m selling it.    It’s been used very little and is in mint condition with a screen protector in the back glass.

Pictures of everything at

Mike Kornely

202 258 1008


One thought on “FOR SALE: Canon 7D kit

  1. Please disregard the SanDisk cards. I didn’t realize just how much they have come down in price in the last year. I will keep them.

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